Galicia, green Spain is the home of one of the country’s most sought-after quality wines, Albariño, which comes from the Spanish coastal wine DO of Rías Baixas -a light, fresh, aromatic wine to complement the array of seafood available from the Atlantic Ocean. The Spanish Wine DO Rias Baixas is still very young, but irrespective of this fact, no top restaurant in Madrid would exclude an Albariño from its wine list, especially if it offers the highly prized percebes, octopus, oysters, prawns, every variety of squid, bream and sea bass which go perfectly with Albariño wines. Spanish Wine DO Rias Baixas Albariño wines have leapt in quality due to mainly modern wine making techniques and the vineyards in the Spanish Wine DO Region Rias Baixas have expanded in recent years to keep pace with the demand for these wines. Albariño wines, for various reasons are not cheap. The producers of this region, known as adegas, are normally small and only bottled wines are permitted according to Spanish Wine DO Rias Baixas regulations to encourage producers to focus on quality. Due to the damp climate here – the average rainfall in this corner of Spain is far higher than most other Spanish regions and indeed most parts of the UK, the size of the vintage can also vary quite dramatically from year to year. But this climate is an advantage and acquiring the desired level of acidity is very rarely a problem for Spanish Wine DO Rias Baixas wine producers. Most Albariños from the Spanish Wine DO Rías Baixas are made to be enjoyed within a year of their vintage, and unoaked. However, some Albariño wines do have the capacity to age when they develop a tangy, minerally character. Rias Baixas Spanish Wine DO Region Principal White Grape Varieties: Albariño (95% of plantings). Others: Loureira Blanca, Treixadura, Caiño Blanca, Torrontés and Godello Rias Baixas Spanish Wine DO Region Principal Red Grape Varieties (generally of local interest only): Caiño Tinto, Espadeiro, Loureira Tinta, Sousón, Brancellao and Pedral  Discover some of our private wine tours which explore this area : Private Luxury Wine Tours Our travel agency creates private and high-end wine, culinary and cultural tours around Spain, Portugal and SW France - with the emphasis on a personal touch. We understand that everyone's idea of the 'perfect' package is unique which is why we work with you to customize your unforgettable experience. Contact us to receive a quote for your private customized wine tour of Spain, Portugal and SW France