When Rueda Spanish Wine DO status was granted in 1980, Rueda, located in the heart of Castilla y León to the north west of Madrid, emerged as a welcome addition to Spain’s quality white wines The Rueda Spanish Wine DO region’s producers had demonstrated that the cooler climate here coupled with modern winemaking technology which avoided oxidation could result in fresh, fruity white wines based on Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc and Viura. Sauvignon Blanc has proved to be successful in the region, but plantings of Verdejo have increased significantly over recent years giving the region a point of difference in its wines. One of Spain’s classic white grapes, the more structured Verdejo has floral, lemon and white peach characters and in the hands of a talented producer, wines made from the variety can age very gracefully. Rueda Spanish Wine DO white wines are typically youthful, unoaked and often presented with a screw cap, reflecting the modern approach to wine-making in this region. They generally start to appear on the market by the spring following the vintage ready to be enjoyed over the warmer months of the year. They can be a blend of all three grapes or made from one grape (Verdejo or Sauvignon Blanc). In 2001, the Rueda Spanish Wine DO regulations incorporated red wines but volumes remain relatively small and are not (as yet) significant in export sales. Rueda Spanish Wine D.O. Region Principal White Grape Varieties: Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc, Viura and Polomino Rueda Spanish Wine D.O. Region Principal Red Grape Varieties: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Garnacha Discover some of our private wine tours which explore this area : Private Luxury Wine Tours Our travel agency creates private and high-end wine, culinary and cultural tours around Spain, Portugal and SW France - with the emphasis on a personal touch. We understand that everyone's idea of the 'perfect' package is unique which is why we work with you to customize your unforgettable experience. Contact us to receive a quote for your private customized wine tour of Spain, Portugal and SW France