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Bodegas Martín Códax Winery is located in the Val do Salnés sub-zone. It takes its name from a 13th-century local troubadour and is known for superb Albariño wines, under the Martin Codax, Burgans and Organistrum brand names. Bodegas Martín Códax Winery is located in the historical town of Cambados, in the Salnés Valley, the cradle of Albariño wine. Bodegas Martin Codax winery was established in 1986 and is a cooperative of 285 members. The progressive growth of the winery is based on the selection of member’s new plots, growing in plots which are the property of the winery and the establishment of long terms agreements with independent producers chosen for the quality of their grapes. This development plan has allowed Bodegas Martín Códax Winery to control near 450 Ha of high quality Albariño growing plots, something impossible a few years ago and thus being able to guarantee the purchase of grapes from more than 550 families in the Salnés Valley. However, the development of the Bodegas Martin Codax Winery has not just been based on production improvement; a key factor for its success has been the interest shown in innovation which has been crystalized in many different research projects and collaborations with Universities and scientific Institutions. Bodegas Martín Códax Winery is a pioneer in research on methods of training vines and application of the most modern elaboration techniques and at present Bodegas Martín Códax Winery's technical team has set out a 13 ha research plot just for this purpose. Bodegas Martín Códax Winery Albariño is a wine that keeps the purest and traditional flavours of the wines produced in the Salnés Valley, additionally they produce Burgáns, a modern and stylish Albariño with abounding flavour and taste and Organistrum a really elegant and sophisticated albariño that has been partially fermented in French oak barrels from Allier. Bodegas Martín Códax Winery Burgans, 91 - Vilariño 36633 Cambados Pontevedra Galicia Contact: Concepción Rodríguez Tel: + 34 986 526 040 Fax: + 34 986 526 901 Email: Web: