Spanish Wineries By Region

Familia Martínez Bujanda Winery is formed by 5 wineries; Finca Valpiedra, Viña Bujanda, Finca Antigua, Cosecheros & Criadoresa and a new winery project in the Rueda Wine D.O. Region. These wineries are all very different but all have one common denominator, the philosophy to always vinify wines of quality from their own vineyards, located in privileged enclaves. When Joaquin Martinez Bujanda founded the winery in 1889, he already knew that control of the vineyards would be essential to achieve the level of quality required for its wines. This idea is now the motto of the family and enables them to control quality and innovate in all facets of the business. For this reason, for generations Martinez Bujanda Winery have sought the best vineyards in each area and are now the owners of more than 200 hectares of vineyard in La Rioja, 120 to elaborate the Viña Bujanda wines and FincaValpiedra with 80 hectares, associated with Grandes Pagos de España. Finca Antigua, in La Mancha, is a spectacular estate with 421 hectares under vine For their specific location, altitude, microclimate and stony soil, these vineyards grow in exceptional conditions. At the Family Martinez Bujanda Winery each wine cellar and its wines have their own personality, determined by the characteristics of the vineyards and grapes that are used to prepare them. Finca Antigua is the result of innovation and creativity, Finca Valpiedra is a new way to understand Rioja wines, Viña Bujanda, quality wines at good price. Cosecheros & Criadores vinify modern, versalite, high quality wines of Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla Martinez Bujanda Winery Camino Viejo s/n, Oyon, Alava Tel: +34 941 122 188 Fax: +34 941 122 111 Email: Web: