Spanish Wineries By Region

Spanish Bodegas CoViToro was founded in 1974 by grape growers in the area and has gathered around 1,000 hectares of vineyards since then. Of these, 400 are older than 50 years old, 350 were planted 30 years ago and a good number of them represent a heritage from the past, being over a hundred or having an average age of over 80. Spanish CoViToro wines have received countless prizes and honours, both in the national and international markets, with awards as prestigious as the Gold Medal in the Brussels World Wine Competition or the Silver Medal in the London Wine Challenge. Spanish Bodegas CoViToro also played an important part in the creation and development of the Toro Appellation of Origin seal.The Winery is equipped with the most modern technology, both for the production as well as for the conservation, ageing and bottling of its wines. It accepts only grapes grown on the over 1,000 hectares belonging to its members. The average annual grape production is 4.5 million k, of which 1.5 million belong to grapes older than 60 years old. The significant investment made in the last few years in stainless steel tanks, controlled fermentation equipment, an ageing cellar and a bottle storage room has contributed tremendously to their wine quality. CoViToro Winery Ctra. de Tordesillas, nº 13 49800 - Toro Zamora Tel: +34 980 690 347 +34 980 693 024 Fax: +34 980 690 143 Email: