Spanish Wineries By Region

The Abadía Retuerta winery is located at the center of the privileged, winegrowing area, The Golden Mile, where Spain’s most prestigious brands of wine are elaborated. Abadía Retuerta Winery own over 200 hectares of vineyard and are one of Spain’s most modern wineries. The Abadia Retuerta winery is presided over by a spectacular XII Century abbey that later this year (2011) will house one of the world’s most exclusive hotels. Abadía Retuerta’s exceptional wines are the fruit of the excellent maturity obtained along the unique terroir created by the Duero River and the valley’s extreme climatic conditions. The Abadía Retuerta Estate occupies over 700 hectares of terrain, and its name comes from the combination of two words that define and describe the territory: Rívula (river bank) and Torta (twisting, winding). Over 204 hectares of vineyards are spread out on hillsides ranging in altitude from a maximum 850 metres down to the southern bank of the Duero River. The terrain has a wide variety of soils, with representations of most of the world’s best varieties and state-of-the-art technology (meteorological stations, anti-frost towers, etc.) Abadía Retuerta estate wines offer some very unique characteristics. They are full-coloured wines, intense and aromatically clean, clearly structured, smooth to the palate and delicate in the development of their strength. Each year’s vintage is different, but their high-tech climate management systems, constant improvement of the work in their vineyards and Abadia Returerta Winery's enological team’s experience make it possible for them to obtain vintages that are consistent in quality and quantity. Abadia Retuerta Winery Santa Maria de Tetuerta, 47340 Sardón del Duero, Valladolid Tel: +34 983 680 314 Fax: +34 983 680 286 Email: Web: