Spanish Wineries By Region

Priorat Wine Region is in the grip of a massive revolution with the slate hillsides of this rugged region in north-east Spain producing world-class and award winning wines. In the front ranks of these revolutionary wineries is Costers del Siurana, though the winery is frequently known by its very famous wine brand, Clos d l’Obac, which is a red wine full of power made with a blend of five grape varieties and in particular, with grapes from old (50 years) Garnacha and Cariñena vines. Clos de l'Obac is a flagship wine and is aged in new oak barrels for 12 months, but additionally requires 10 years of bottle ageing to be at its best. On your visit to the Costers del Siurana winery with Gourmand Breaks the chances are the owner, Carles Pastrana, who was one of the most important figures in Priorat in the 1980’s, is passionate about his wines and to boot is one of the most charming personalities in the wine business, will be there to shake your hand. Costers de Siurana is a leading winery, which produces some of the region’s finest wines, and is located in the tiny and very pretty village of Gratallops. In the 1980’s Carles Pastrana is credited with being one of the first in the region, together with Alvaro Palacios’ Rene Barbier and Josep Lluis Perez, to realize the enormous potential of Priorat as a wine region.. However, Carles Pastrana's family was already in the region in the '70's, carrying out experimental viticulture, in particular with old vines. We can do no better than quote from Carles Pastrana’s own words: "Recognising an unusual combination of topography, soil and climate, a unique "terroir", and a one thousand year old wine-making tradition, the founding families started a project to re-awaken the spirit of the old Carthusian oenologists, by rebuilding the steep, slatey terraces and replanting the vines. The old vineyard slopes were surveyed, the walls were repaired, the stones were cleared by hand, access paths were built. We resuscitated the old Garnacha, Tempranillo and Cariñena vines, especially the latter, some of which were over fifty years old. We introduced the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Merlot and the Syrah.. The first vintage of Clos de l'Obac was that of 1989. Miserere was born in 1990 and Dolç de l'Obac in 1991. Since then, wine professionals from all over the world have been recognising the greatness of this family of Priorat wines. We shall continue to strive to produce the finest wines from our land; we use only our own grapes. It is our aim to go on improving our products, to achieve the complexity, the balance, the harmony, the grace which define them and which have earned such international fame for the wines of COSTERS DEL SIURANA- Carles Pastrana" Costers de Siurana winery is a joy to visit and in particular, the tasting room, where you will have a chance to sip some of the finest wines, is very attractive and a delight to enter.