Spanish Wineries By Region

The Spanish Adega Algueira winery is located in the midst of old chestnut and oak tree forests,on the banks of the river Sil, where the monks built their monasteries back in the 12th Century, A scenario which reflects the calm and peacefulness necessary for the creation of their wines; the building is integrated into the surrounding nature resembling a monastic Romanesque building. The Spanish Algueira Winery relies on leading technologies for the elaboration and bottling of wine using autonomous varieties and basing their production entirely on grapes from their own vineyards which are located on the banks of the River Sil and which therefore benefit from the exceptional micro-climate conditions for the production of first grade quality grapes. The orientation of their vines, the microclimate, growing them on slopes looking towards the river, as well as the special care they take with their vineyards in search of low stock yield are the biggest secrets to their success. The Spanish Algueira winery says its first aim is to highlight quality over quantity. Robert Parker scored four of Spanish Algueira wines with over 90 points in 2010. Red Mencía, Alvarello, Merenzao and Caíño grapes plus whites from Godello, Loureiro, Alvariño and Treixadura are the grapes used by Spanish Algueira winery to make their masterpieces. Adega Algueira Winery Doade s/n · 27460 Telephone no: 982152238 | 629208917 | 982410299 Fax no: 982410299 E-mail address: