Spanish Wineries By Region

Spanish Winery Enate has spectacular and beautiful origins and the history and culture of which it forms part is universal and transcends mankind's most intimate desires by respecting and loving nature and obtaining the marvellous products it has to offer. From the beginning, therefore, their cellars have been rooted in a native culture with surprising aspects and fine touches. Spanish Winery Enate defines itself as a winery for the 21st century. An aseptic and functional residence for wine, which has got nothing to do with the dark subterranean image that has mould and humidity as its main characteristics. Seemingly the modern era has better allies in design and form according to Spanish Winery Enate and the winery is laid out with geometric precision with its design repeating a rhythm of straight lines and edges and ignoring any curved lines. The architect has instantly captured the intense luminosity of the area and has transformed it into the spacious interior in such a way that you always retain the sensation of being outside in the sunlight. In this building this might be the best example of the play between nature and architecture. Spanish Winery Enate harvests its grapes from 400 hectares of its own vineyards, situated in the Enate valley and around the villages of Salas Altas, Salas Bajas and Cregenzán. The cool winds, which in june, when the grapes start to grow, ensure that daily temperatures of 35°C come down to 17/18°C at night and the altitude between 550-600 metres above sea level with its low air humidity permit a massive reduction in treatments of the vine and thus we practice more ecological viticulture than perhaps many other vineyards. At present production by Spanish Winery Enate is divided between 85% red wines, 10% white wines and 5% rosé.