Spanish Wineries By Region

Joan Ramón Escoda and Mª Carmen Sanahuja, are farmers, wine growers and wine makers. They started off in farming back in 1997, using organic farming methods and from 2003 onwards, decided to apply biodynamic farming methods to their land. They are currently members of the Mediterranean Biodynamic Work Group, as well as of the association for Natural Wine Producers (abbreviated to PVN in Spanish). The philosophy behind their wine-making methods is based on the central principle of respecting the fruit to the utmost. They use indigenous wine yeasts for grape fermentation and do not carry out any type of filtering, clarifying or stabilising of their wines. At present, since the 2007 harvest, they have been making wine with no added sulphur. Because of this, they define their wines as “natural wines from biodynamic farming”. clarification or stabilization of wine. Interestingly they cultivate more than 10 hectares of olive groves, almond trees and vines, as well as a vegetable garden for personal use. They also boast their own small farm, complete with hens, chickens, turkeys, lambs and cows, as well as horses, given that they understand biodynamics as meaning a living organism. This enables them to supply their own compost, without having any traces of chemical residues, which is fundamental for working the land in a natural way. Their vines are always covered by a layer of vegetation, in order to maintain the balance of the soil and to ensure that it is rich in humus and microorganisms. This also allows them to maintain the humidity, which is extremely important in a dry climate. Celler Escoda-Sanahuja c/ Llovera, 50 43201 Reus Tarragona Tel. 977860954