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The beauty of this winery and its surroundings make Abadal a must-see that will capture hearts with the dense woodland and vineyard landscape surrounding it, the unique vine terraces, which are dry stone constructions that bear witness to the wine-producing history of the region and then surprise with its history and the identity of its wines. The modern technology used in the winery is incorporated in harmony with the 12th-century farmhouse, now converted into a museum. In the exhibition room, other utensils related with wine and vehicles from the middle ages make for a fascinating collection. In the old Sant Ramon cellar, now the projection room and tasting area, visitors will have the chance to taste wines, particularly those made from the Picapoll grape, a variety native to the Bages area, surrounded by hundred-year-old Abadal casks. The vines, vineyards and bodegas are a living testimony to a long and passionate love affair with wine. Areas where vines and woodland cohabit are few and far between, but El Bages, and in particular the land cultivated by this bodega, is one of those areas where vineyards are interspersed with groves of trees, in a microclimate of contrasts that give the grapes their intensity and the wines their quality. The uneven soil and scarce rainfall result in magnificent red wines and singular white wines. Bodegas Abadal combine native varieties, like the fruity Picapoll, with prestigious varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc for the reds and Chardonnay, Sauvignon White and Macabeo for the whites. Bodegas Abadal Finca Masies D´Avinyo 08279 Santa María d\'Horta d\'Avinyo Barcelona +34) 93 820 38 03