Spanish Wineries By Region

NB: This winery is covered by both Ribera del Duero and Rueda DO\'s For many generations Garcia\'s family have been fully dedicated to viticulture. In an attempt to take advantage of all their knowledge and experience, the current generation of the family decided to establish Bodegas Monteabellon, where the passion for viticulture and art in winemaking is reflected. Bodegas y Viñedos Monteabellon is a family business founded in the year 2000 with the aim of elaborating high quality wines combining tradition and the most modern tecniques. Nava de Roa still has many old wine presses and wineries where long ago people produced and preserved wine. As in all Ribera del Duero, its history and traditions are closely related to wine. Monteabellón Winery facilities guarantee a careful production during the complete process, maintaining regular temperature and humidity levels, as it was the custome in the ancient wineries, but at the same time, controlling in detail the bouquet and taste with the latest oenological techniques. The facilities of Bodegas Monteabellon apply the latest oenological technology to guarantee a perfect and careful vinification. Their wines are aged in oak barrels, 70% are made of French oak and 30% are made of American oak. All the processes takes place in their facilities, from the grape reception to bottling and labelling. Their vineyards are shared in different plots and can be classified them three areas due to their different altitude. The first area is composed of the lower plots placed nearer to Duero River from which they produce their youngest and freshest wines. The names of these plots are: Los Miles, Valcavada, Picarillo, Monroy y Valdián. The second area with plots placed higher, has sand soils with clay and limestone contents. These plots are perfect to elaborate oak aged wines. The names of these plots are: Pascuala, Lopa, San Juan, Rillosa, Linares, Valdezate, Tras de la Rubiera, Pozo y Madriles. In the third area are the highest plots where the soils are stony with high limestone content. The low water retention and the extreme weather conditions provides them with ideal grapes to elaborate long oak aged wines. La Blanquera, Pedregal, Valduvienzas, Matambres y Acediano are the names of these plots. Monteabellon (24 months in the barrel) comes from the highest vineyard, subjected to extreme conditions. The soils are stony with low water retention, these conditions gives a high quality of grape. The grapes used are 100% Tempranillo, the wines is 24 months in oak barrels. Bodegas Monteabellon Burgos - Nava de Roa C/ Calvario, s/n (CP. 9318) Teléfono947 550 000 Fax947 550 219