Spanish Wineries By Region

With the name of Bàrbara Forés, Carme Ferrer and her husband Manuel Sanmartin wished to pay homage to the great-great-grandmother, born in Gandesa in 1828, who managed to transmit to her son Rafael the art of making wine. Thus Rafael Ferrer, an erudite pharmacist and wine-grower had himself built the cellar in his father’s house, named in Catalan »casa piral«, where in the late 19th century he began to bottle wine. Carme Ferrer and Manuel Sanmartin, as the heirs to a family tradition, have transformed the old cellar into a modern installation to elaborate fine young and old wines and above all they have managed to introduce a new way of understanding to the art of making wine. The vineyards are located below the calcareous cliffs of the Serra de Pandols, at the foot of the shady Teuleria. A small part of the soil in this area has a clayey composition, whilst the remainder is sandy, they are calcareous and poor in organic material. The grape varieties grown by this vineyard are Black Grenache and Morenillo. The Morenillo is a practically lost variety and they have started its recovery during the last years with an autochthonous (original) plant. The vine of Morenillo has a graceful and well structured port. Everything in it is large in dimension, the trunk, the vine shoot, the leaves and the grapes. Celler Barbara Forés grape harvest is carried out by hand carrying the grapes in cases in order to keep them in the best condition and whole until they arrive at the cellar. Celler Barbara Forés Santa Anna 28 43780 Gandesa Tel: 34 977 420160