Spanish Wineries By Region

Mas del Boto is a 40 ha estate, where 5 ha are dedicated to vine cultivation. The Llauradó brothers, following a long wine-making tradition, retrieved the property 25 years ago. The landscapes of the Cortiella Valley are as impressive as the historic events that took places. Located in the surroundings of Porrera (Priorat) Written documents of the XII century report the donation of the lands of Alforja, owned by Ramon Berenguer IV (Count of Barcelona) to Ramon de Ganagot, as a gesture of gratitude for the conquest of Siurana. Ganagot is indeed the name given to the wine elaborated in Mas del Boto. In the valley we can find remains of the mining activity for silver from the Roman and Arab period and of lead up to the sate sixties of the past century. Mas del Boto is located at 600m altitude where vines grow in terraces up to 700m in the sunny side of the Cortiella Valley. Small terraces limited by traditional stone walls overcome the enevenness of the fields. Two kinds of soil, slate (llicorella) and granite (saulo) give personality to wine. The weather conditions and the thermal differences between day and night prior to harvest time, help to obtain the optimal ripeness of the grape. The traditional varieties, Granache and Carinyena are grown in goblet manner and the sauvignon carbet in trellised manner. Mas del Botó Camí de Porrera a Alforja s/n 43365 Alforja Tel: 630982747 Fax: 977236396