Spanish Wineries By Region

Mas Blanc Pinord Just outside Falset, on the Bellmunt Road, lies the Mas Blanc Pinord Winery, which makes exclusive organic wines. In 2007, Pinord, which owns several other wineries, brought out the first ever registered Biodynamic wine in Spain called Clos del Músic which has full Demeter international recognition. Over the last ten years Pinord has recreated Mas Blanc as a top quality estate; varieties of grape grown are Cabernet Souvignon, Syrah, Merlot, and the one traditional to the area, Garnatxa. With amphitheatres of new terraces and trellising, low yields and organic viticulture, manual pruning, picking and sorting quality is the singular goal. The Mas Blanc winery is the jewel in Pinord\'s crown. Mas Blanc is one of the few wineries in the Priorat which is surrounded by its own vineyards. This estate has height differences of over one hundred metres, making it a veritable Romanesque theatre of unique beauty. Due to the lay of the land, almost all of the work must be done manually, and although this implies a notable increase in cost, this is made up for by the undeniable quality of the grapes obtained. Covering 18 hectares in all, also part of the vineyard is the barrel room, with its 300 oak barrels. When we were there we entered this barrel room from a small entrance in the vineyard, carefully taking the steps downwards until at 3 metres below ground level we arrived – how spectacular! Something else which is rather special at this Mas Blanc Pinord winery is the Tasting Room, which is glass fronted and allows one to peer into the very bowels of the wine preparation area. The wines which are the result of Mas Blanc Pinord’s labours are: +7, Balcons and Clos del Músic. These wines have won prestigious accolades and qualifications by the US wine critic, Robert M. Parker, the Wine Spectator and other important distinctions in trade fairs and European Wine Competitions.