Best wine movies and wine documentaries to watch while self-isolating

The long period of self-isolating we are experiencing worldwide means that travelling is proving more difficult than ever at the moment, with most of us at home and trying to stay upbeat while our medical professionals are working so hard to support our communities. Better times will come, but in the meantime, here is our list of the best wine movies to inspire your future wine travels and contribute to a positive mindset; a glass a good red or white in hand!

Not only does good wine taste great, but it comes from some of the most scenic places on earth, many of them featured in our wine tours; imagine picture-postcard vineyards of Italy, Spain, France or Portugal; rolling hills set to the backdrop of beautiful sunsets, add the mystery of winemaking, the glamour of wine châteaux, the drama of winemakers, intense sommeliers and delicious wine tastings – watch some of the best wine movies ever for a perfect virtual wine getaway!


Best wine movies for the wine aficionado

Red Obsession is a wine documentary narrated by Russell Crowe, which delves into how the demand for France’s finest Bordeaux by the Chinese market has caused the price of these wonderful reds to skyrocket, forcing the ‘traditional’ buyers out of the market. This wine movie is not only an interesting story, perfect to learn about how France’s finest wine region operates, but also a good chance to discover which Bordeaux you may well want to try and taste yourself! A brief history of French and Chinese history is also covered. Compelling viewing.

The wine documentary Red Obsession

Somm is a wine documentary about four wine stewards who are attempting to learn everything about wine as they prepare for the master sommelier exam, one of the world’s most challenging tests, of which only 170 people in the world over the past forty years have passed. The information included in this wine movie is incredible, really delving into how to understand wine and how wine obsessives become sommeliers of this calibre. If you want to understand more about grape varietals, wine categories, wine regions, appellations, etc; this is one wine movie you cannot miss while self-isolating. Maybe grab a glass while you’re watching..?



Best wine movies to cheer you up

Sideways is a wine movie about two middle-aged men (one a wine lover, the other is soon-to-be-married) who take a road trip through the Santa Ynez wine region. What starts as a kind of bachelor party converts into a journey full of surprises and many laughs! Set amongst some beautiful vineyards as well as seeing the process behind wine tastings, and the difference between those who want to understand wine, and those who just want to drink it! 

Bottle Shock wine movie is the true story of how a British wine snob living in Paris, comes to understand that Californian wines are just as good as those from France. The brilliant Alan Rickman plays Spurrier, a Briton who owns a specialty wine shop and plans to show Parisians that the quality of wines from outside of France is also very high. Showcasing the difference in cultures between laidback and unpretentious Californians and the snobbish and elitist Europeans is priceless! Many beautiful wine regions are showcased here.

Corked is a mockumentary wine movie based on four distinctly different wineries vying for approval from international wine critics. If you  are after a good laugh, don’t miss this movie, which showcases the beautiful wine regions of California. A true spoof portraying the stereotypes we all think of when it comes to wine elitism.


Best wine movies for the romantic viewer

Conte d’automne (Autumn tale) is a wine movie set amidst the lush vineyards of France. This iconic Eric Rohmer’s wine movie is a celebratory tale of matchmaking and misunderstandings! If you want to dream about your next trip to France, indulge in viewing the sunkissed French wine regions, adorable villages and quintessentially French protagonists. Vive du vin!

The beautiful vineyards of the Rhône Valley wine region featured in Autumn Tale wine movie

French Kiss is the comedic story of a woman who goes to Paris to win back her fiancé who has run away with a beautiful Parisienne. The hilarious antics of Meg Ryan and Kevin Klein are the big claim to this wine movie if you want to have an entertaining time without pretentiousness. Wine and vineyards are present all the time in this romantic comedy.

The Strange Case of Angelica is a magical realism romance set in amongst the landscape of Portugal’s incredible Douro Valley. Manoel de Oliveira’s film is about a photographer haunted by a deceased bride, and the love that plays out between them, with hilarious consequences! As well as being a wonderful story, it is a fabulous excuse to be enticed by the beauty of this Portuguese wine region.

El Año y la viña (The Year and the Vineyard) is a gently whimsical time-travel yarn that starts with Andrea Pesce, a Sicilian member of the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War, falling through the sky and landing in a vineyard in a small village in contemporary Spain. Set amongst the vineyards in Salamanca province, the film is about coming to terms with loss, and making the best of what you have around you, even if it seems unlikely. The score is a reason to watch, in itself.

A Good Year is a wine movie starring the unlikely duo of Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard. Crowe plays a London-based investment banker who learns that his uncle has died and left him a chateau and vineyard in Provence. A little cheesy, but certainly warm and light-hearted! A love story about starting over, set amidst the glorious backdrop of Provence’s villages and vineyard landscapes.


A wine movie for the more serious viewer 

Tu seras mon fils (You will be my son) is a French film about the tension between a wine-making father and the son he has never accepted, who so desperately wants to follow in his father’s footsteps; run the vineyard and gain his father’s love. An intense wine film set amongst the magnificent vineyards of Bordeaux. 

The compelling wine movie of You Will Be My Son, set in the Bordeaux wine region

Blood & wine is another intense wine movie with the ever-superb Jack Nicholson, who plays the role of a well-to-do wine merchant. In reality, however, he is ruined and will attempt to steal a diamond necklace to save his family’s future. A fantastic cast which includes Jennifer Lopez and Michael Caine.

Please enjoy watching these wine movies while you are cuddled up at home during this period of self-isolating. Make sure to take notes of some of the wonderful wine regions you may wish to visit; and if you want some more inspiration, look no further than our wine experiences – you are sure to find a wine region you wish to visit on a private wine tour with us!