Spain, Portugal, France & Italy have a LOT of history to share with you on your next European vacation! Not only do these countries share a mild Mediterranean climate, but many of the traditions celebrated have been influenced by the empires which came before; Greeks, Romans and Moors. Over time, each civilization added their knowledge to the accumulation of historical treasures left behind over the centuries. Fortunately when visiting southern Europe, you have the privilege of being able to discover the rich history and culture which remains. On your customized trip to Spain, Portugal, Italy or France, you can learn about the architectural legacy, ancient ruins and impressive monuments. Marvel at the amazing Alhambra in Granada, the mind-blowing Mezquita-Cathedral of Cordoba and the unfinished symphony of La Sagrada Família in Barcelona touring Spain. 

When on a food and wine tour with us, you will not only time travel through the historic city centres, but you will be able to partake in local customs and traditions, understanding how locals live today in southern Europe. The impressive coastlines of Italy, Portugal, Spain & France mean that fishing and seafaring is integral to their daily life. Whether you want to visit the French Riviera or Portugal’s Algarve; the sea plays an important role in southern European food, culture and tradition. 

When it comes to art and music, who can go past the passionate flounce of skirts and tapping guitars of Spain’s Flamenco? Or to experience the plaintive melancholy of Portugal’s national music of Fado? Each country has its own particular take on music, art and dance; whether seeing the Sardanes in Spain or the Tarantella in Italy; you are sure to have your soul stirred by southern Europe’s traditional artforms!

Admire art all along your history & culture tour of Europe! From the ubiquitous Azejuelo tiles in Portugal to the Renaissance masterpieces of the Uffizi, to the spectacular Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao – Art is not only part of history, but very much living culture. On your bespoke art, history & culture tour there is opportunity to discover many namesake museums: the surrealistic world of Dali and the prolific world of Picasso or the colourful life of Matisse and Chagall. 

To travel through Spain, Portugal, France & Italy on a European tour is to encounter the accumulation of artistic tradition over the centuries. You will surely be mesmerised by the many breathtaking gems on your customized art, history and culture tour!

“Experience and travel – these are an education in themselves. “
– Euripides

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