Things to see in Calella de Palafrugell

Unlike many of the seaside resorts in the Costa Brava, Calella De Palafrugell has managed to preserve its old fisherman village charm offering a wonderfully laid back alternative for those wanting to escape the over-crowded beaches of Barcelona. It´s one of the last remaining spots on the Costa Brava which has retained a true Spanish feel and where it is possible to go a whole week without hearing an English accent (gasp). As such, it´s one of our clients´ favorite places to kick back and relax after a good few days of eating and drinking (It can be quite a tiring business!)

Spend your time browsing chic boutiques scattering the beachfront or take a dip in the crystalline turquoise sea.  Alternatively, enjoy a hike along the scenic costal path on the Cap Roig headland, taking you along some of the Costa Brava`s most picturesque bays to the tiny, secluded and wonderfully romantic bay of El Golfet.  Perhaps stop off along the way to indulge in the terrace views of the perfectly located San Roc Hotel.

Taking the costal path in the opposite direction, along the dramatic jagged cliff edge, will lead you to the slightly more glamorous and cosmopolitan Llafranc, again boasting golden sands and inviting blue waters (it´s difficult to avoid in this area).

Head back to Calella De Pallafrugell to enjoy a light lunch at Tragamar- nestled in among sandy coves and whitewashed buildings, never one to disappoint when seeking out some fresh local seafood, just a stone’s throw away from the water’s edge.

For those feeling energetic, finish your day off in style with a walk up to the picturesque lighthouse – Far de San Sebastian,  grandly perched 175 meters above the Romaboira cliffs and boasts glorious views of Calella de Palafrugell and the surrounding beaches (alternatively, ask your chauffeur to drive you- you are on holiday after all!)

Those that delight in all things archaeological can marvel at the pre-roman ruins found in the surrounding pinewoods, including  remains of an old Iberian settlement (Whilst those not quite so interested can enjoy a cocktail on the terrace of the Lighthouse hotel!)

In many of the local village bars here you can settle down for the night with a glass of ron cremat ; a mixture of rum, sugar, lemon peel and coffee beans served in an earthenware bowl and flambeed to burn off the alcohol. This drink is the traditional accompaniment to Havaneres, three-to-five part harmonies originally composed and sung by Catalan sailors, soldiers and tradesmen on their voyages to and from the Cuban capital and the coastal towns of Catalunya. Come to Calella de Palafrugell in July for the Havanera song festival to experience these Havaneres first hand!

A number of private Gourmand Breaks tours include a day trip to Calella de Palafrugell including our Luxury Mediterranean Cuisine Tour– perfect for those who don´t like to stray too far from the sea and like to spend relaxing afternoons feasting on some of the best seafood in Spain!