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Guided Mushroom Hunting Tour from Barcelona

The rural area of Catalonia, at the foot of the Pyrenees, is perfect to visit in fall if you are a wild mushroom lover! The wild mushroom, abundant in the forests of Catalonia, is venerated by both Catalan haute cuisine chefs and local cooks alike; being a key ingredient to many Catalan dishes. On this authentic  guided mushroom hunting tour from Barcelona, a local expert guide will escort you to secret places where wild mushrooms grow. Visit the charming rural wild mushroom markets in rural Catalonia, venture into local forests for mushroom picking and feast on a sumptuous mushroom hunters’ breakfast at a local haunt. Then, taste more sophisticated Spanish wild mushroom cuisine at a prestigious Michelin star restaurant. This private mushroom hunting tour from Barcelona will include accommodations at a lovely rural hotel and provision of a rental car with GPS or, if you prefer, chauffeured transfers.


Wild mushroom hunting basket

Welcome to the Spanish region of Catalonia! Today your guided mushroom hunting tour from Barcelona begins when you collect your hire car at Barcelona airport/train station, or it is delivered to your Barcelona hotel. With the assistance of your GPS, you will drive out of the bustling city and eventually come to a lovely village in the rural Alt Bergueda area of Catalonia. Your abode for the next few nights is a delightful 19th century masia (extended family home) which has recently been converted into a quaint hotel. The house’s interior is decorated with its original 19th century furniture, which creates a warm and cozy ambiance. The peaceful farmyard surroundings of the hotel are typical of the area, with one side of the grounds keeping cows and the other side horses – the outlook has a spectacular view to the mountain range of the Pyrenees.

After your journey from Barcelona, you can relax and breathe in the mountain-fresh air; take in a walk around the hotel grounds, or even visit the village for a peek in at local life. Dinner tonight will be at your masia, where you will enjoy the locally grown produce used to prepare your meal, along with some excellent local Catalan wine. Make sure to get to bed at a reasonable hour, because tomorrow morning you will be “early to rise” to meet your mushroom guide for mushroom hunting!

Tour in a nutshell: Provision of hire car with GPS. Regional dinner with wine. Overnight at a charming hotel in Alt Bergueda.


Mushroom Hunting in Alt Bergueda

Your Spanish wild mushroom hunting foray officially begins today! After your early breakfast, your specialist mushroom hunting guide will be waiting to take you on a tour of discovery. Without delay you will leave together for the local lushly forested areas, your guide leading you to all the very secret areas where he knows will be found the best of the wild mushrooms. Continuing your day, you will come to an authentic local bar and restaurant where you will enjoy a sumptuous brunch served on a wooden platter, laden with local meats, cheeses and the infamous ‘pa amb tomaquet’ (Catalan Tomato bread), served with a ‘Porron’ of wine (typical Catalan wine decanter with a spout for pouring directly into the mouth!) This is country style eating at its finest- you may have a group of local workers sitting at the next table or a grandfather sipping a small dark coffee. This is not “a la mode”; it is authentically down to earth!

Later on in the day, you might wish to explore the area further. Close by there is a charming family of farmers who care for birds and owls, and it is well worth your while to pop in. Don’t forget to have a relaxing Spanish siesta this afternoon, because for dinner tonight you will be dining at a highly regarded Michelin starred restaurant five minutes’ drive from your hotel. The restaurant serves delicious regional food made with the fresh produce from its garden, and you will enjoy a tasting menu with wine.

Tour in a nutshell: Private guided mushroom hunting tour. Local Catalan brunch. Michelin dinner with wine. Overnight in Alt Bergueda.


mushroom market

This morning will be another early start on the hunt for wild mushrooms! Your guide will again collect you at your hotel, and during your mushroom hunting tour of northern Spain, will explain the different types of “boletus” to you, including which you can eat, and which you cannot! A few hours later, you will enjoy another delicious brunch in a local restaurant which specializes in “breakfast for mushroom hunters”. Your day continues with a visit to a local market whose specialty is in the sale of hundreds of varieties of wild mushroom. Here you will encounter a veritable treasure trove of all types of wild mushroom! These Catalan wild mushroom markets – small, but well stocked when in season – are the most important in the region and operate only during the months of September, October and November; when the weather turns wetter. If you are interested in broadening your mushroom hunting experience further, you could participate in some other mushroom-related activities. At the markets there are also workshops which teach you how to preserve mushrooms, through drying them.

For this evening, prior to dinner, we have organised a very special Spanish wild mushroom cooking class at your hotel; the emphasis being (of course!) on dishes made with mushrooms you hunted. You will then enjoy a hearty dinner with wine at your hotel, including the mushroom dishes you have learned to make during your lesson.

Tour in a nutshell: Private mushroom hunting tour. Local Catalan brunch. Private mushroom cooking class. Dinner with wine. Overnight in Alt Bergueda.



You return to Barcelona today. We hope you will join us for this very special and authentic mushroom hunting tour of northern Spain, to discover more about local food! If you wish, you can always extend your mushroom hunting trip, to include a few days of discovery in Barcelona, or otherwise extend it so that you can experience the peaceful ambiance of the seaside villages of Catalonia. This way you can see the breadth of landscape which Catalonia offers, from its lush mountains, to the coast beside the Mediterranean, as well as the wine growing region of the Emporda, with its picturesque medieval villages.

Tour in a nutshell: Return rental car to Barcelona airport/office in Barcelona. Optional tour extension.

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Mushroom Hunting Tour

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