Easter Traditions in Catalunya, Spain “La Mona de Pasqua”

LENT IS OVER! And we foodies celebrate it!!! Each country, each region has its own particular way and here in Catalonia every Monday of Easter, godfathers give to their godsons these special cake and chocolate compositions. Cake shops show all kind of Monas (that’s how they are called) and after a good lunch families eat them! Every single piece is edible, including the dolls and chicks which are usually made out of marzipan.  Experience delicious food in Spain with a Luxury Tour.

Originally, the tradition started as a symbol of the beginning of spring and abundance. The first Monas were made of a spongy cake with chocolate, egg and llonganissa (like a dry chorizo but not as red and spicy). The word Mona comes from the Arab word Munna which means “food you get to your mouth”. But nowadays in Catalonia you can see all kind of funny compositions though the original design, which always shows at least none egg, still exists.

Traditionally, the Godfather would give the Mona to the godson after the Sunday Mass and then on Monday the whole family and friends would eat it at home, preceded by some grilled rabbit or paella and lots of wine.