Spanish Chef Jose Andres Voted Most Outstanding Chef in USA

Spanish chef, Jose Andres, the man credited with popularizing our famous Spanish food in the USA was named the nation’s most outstanding chef last Monday during the James Beard Foundation’s annual awards ceremony, the so-called Oscars of the culinary crowd. Spanish chef, Andrés, whose company, the Think Food Group, runs a string of popular restaurants in Washington, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, beat fellow chefs Gary Danko, Suzanne Goin, Paul Kahan and Charles Phan to win the prestigious accolade.

The Spanish chef,  who grew up in the Asturias area in northern Spain, started his career under the tutelage of Spanish Chef, Ferran Adrià, at El Bulli, before moving to the USA in 1990. Nowadays he owns a number of very successful restaurants across America, includingCafe Atlantico, Jaleo, Zaytina, Oyamel, China Poblano, the Bazaar, and the most unique of these, Minibar.

“Here’s an immigrant celebrating the melting pot,” he said.  “I feel like I’m an ambassador bringing Spain to America and also to the world.”

We here in Spain feel just so proud of our cuisine being acclaimed in the world with such great ambassadors;  Ferran Adria has recently been named “ambassador of Spanish tapa”  – it’s pretty clear our cuisine is more in vogue than ever!

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