Bordeaux’s ‘Guggenheim’ Museum – the New Wine Centre

The Bordeaux answer to Bilbao’s Guggenheim was revealed recently, we feel it could look like a thumb or a decanter or even wine swirling in a glass – what do you think?

Plans for this futuristic Wine Centre, which were unveiled in Bordeaux, France,  will be designed by Parisian architects X-Tu, with London company Casson Mann working on the interior.  The two companies, selected from 113 candidates, will start building in early 2013, with a completion date set for 2014.

Philippe Massol Project Director,  said, “We selected the most spectacular building. It reflects the sensual side of wine, and is in harmony with the river which it will be built alongside”.   He  additionally stated that the building would be ‘environmentally sound’, built out of wood and glass, ‘which themselves are materials used in wine’.

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