Ferran Adriá Predicts the Future of Gourmet Eating


Spanish chef, Ferran Adrià,  this week assembled some of the best chefs of the world, Joan Roca, Juan Mari Arzak and Pedro Subijana at his restaurant El Bulli in Roses, Spain,  for what has become an annual meeting of the great! The four chefs who between them share 12 Michelin Stars had a chance to chat about the restaurant world in general and in particular, the future of luxurious restaurants, which Adria considers, but for a few, is limited.

The four chefs enjoyed a sailing trip prior to a meal of seasonal March specialties of the Mediterranean, Sea Urchins and grilled Sardines.  During their discussion Adrià confirmed that he felt that the future of gastronomy is in informality, which suits the way of the world today and to this end, the Spanish Tapa, which is convenient, simple and speedy.

Not surprising perhaps, as Spanish Chef Adria’s new Restaurant, TICKETS in Barcelona is already booked up for the coming year!

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