Ferran Adria Wired Speech Published



Last October, the world famous Spanish chef,  Ferran Adria, graced the cover of Wired magazine and was invited to speak at the Wired 2012 event in London. Now, his full lecture is available to the public for the first time- you can even view it at the bottom of this page!

It is wonderful to watch Ferran Adria’s passionate speech about innovation and creativity. The Nº 1 Spanish Chef went into great detail explaining how Spanish restaurant, elBulli, operated. He provides a wonderful incite into how this legendary and groundbreaking restaurant was run and the video includes some fascinating behind the scenes footage!

Then Ferran Adria  goes on the discuss how he created the BulliPedia – an online culinary bible and gastro-search engine he hopes revolutionizes cooking for decades to come.

The lecture features a stunning three-minute video depicting the artistic creations of elBulli, which Adria introduced with these words: ”Every year we tried to create a new revolution. Feeding people was the final result but it wasn’t the motive behind what we did. The motive behind what we did was all about creativity.”

We should note his speech is in Spanish but the chef is assisted by a translator. It’s a must-see lecture from one of the world’s most respected and innovative chefs!

WATCH Ferran Adria Wired Lecture HERE

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