Forum Gastronomic Girona 2013

forum gastronomic girona 2013

These days, we attended our February date with the Forum Gastronomic  here in Girona – a fascinating event  dedicated to professionals in the world of gastronomy and  one of the pioneering culinary conferences in Europe. The Forum Gastronomic has consolidated as a must for foodservice  professionals who want to swap information about trends and new ideas – here, in a friendly and solidary atmosphere of sharing and collaborating, one can participate in the culinary workshops, conferences or just have a friendly chat with the big figures of the Spanish culinary scene –  the Roca brothers from Celler de Can Roca, the 2nd best restaurant in the world,  Carme Ruscalleda from 3 Michelin starred  Santa Pau and her son Raul Balam from Moments ( 1* Michelin, located in the sophisticated Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona) , Paco Pérez from Miramar ( 1* Michelin in a quaint seaside village of Llança) ,  Jordi Cruz from Abac ( for many the best restaurant in Barcelona) ,  Xavier Pellicer,   Jordi Garrido,  Josean Martínez Alija from the incredible Guggenheim Nerua,  Oriol Rovira from Els Casals, Fina Puigdevall  from Les Cols, the TV chef Isma Prados, Koldo Rodero, the famous guru of Peruvian modern cuisine Gastón Acurio and many others – a true feast for the Spanish cuisine buffs, like us!