Worlds 50 Best Restaurants 2018 – Half Done … Half to Come!

The 51 – 100 World’s Best Restaurants List 2018 has already been revealed (Full List HERE) and this just leaves us hungry (pun intended :-)) to know who are the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018 !


What we do know is that there are 7 restaurants from Spain and Portugal in the NEW 51-100 list of the Worlds Best Restaurants 2018:

Nerua at No.57, Quique Dacosta at No.68, Martín Berasategui at No.76 and Belcanto at No.75 all staying in the 51-100 list from last year. DiverXO re-enters in 96th place after disappearing from last years list and Elkano and Enigma are 2 NEW ENTRIES for Spain in 77th and 95th place respectively.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List 2018 1 – 50 will be announced LIVE from Bilbao on June 19th, but, what can we expect next week ? A new World’s Number One Restaurant? and what about the 7 Spanish Restaurants that were in last years list that we have no news of, just yet:

EL CELLER DE CAN ROCA – Girona, Spain: Currently at  No. 3! 3 Brothers, 3 Michelin Stars, 3 Repsol Suns and the World’s Nº3 Restaurant (for 2017)! Since 2011 El Celler de Can Roca has been in the TOP 3 of the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restautants List ultimately being voted the World’s Number One Restaurant in 2015, and 2013. Another Top 3 year for the 3 Roca Brothers?

ASADOR ETXEBARRI – Axpe, Spain: Currently at No. 6 and in 2016 were placed at  Nº10. Probably the best BBQ in the World has climbed higher in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List every year since 2013! Can Asador Etxebarri  climb further up the list again this year?

MUGARITZ – San Sebastian, Spain: Currently at No. 9 after slightly falling from 7th place in 2016. Mugaritz has been considered one of the World’s best 50 restaurants since 2006 by the prestigious Restaurant Magazine where it entered in 10th place!  Since then it has always appeared in the Top 10 with it’s highest placing being in 3rd place in 2011 and 2012. A Top 10 place again for Mugaritz this year?

TICKETS – Barcelona, Spain: Currently at No. 25 after climbing from Nº 29 in 2016. Actually Tickets has always climbed up the Restaurant Magazine’s prestigious World’s Best Restaurants List from Nº 77 in 2013 to nº 57 in 2014 to  Nº 42 in 2015 to Nº 29 in 2016 and currently (2017) to Nº 25. Another year climbing the prestigious list for Tickets?

ARZAK – San Sebastian, Spain: Currently at No. 30  falling from Nº21 in 2016. Arzak has constantly featured in the acclaimed Restaurant Magazine World’s Best 50 restaurants list, but surprisingly in 2015, after being in the Top 10  since 2006, Arzak fell to No 17! Hopefully 2018 will see Arzak climbing up the charts again.

AZURMENDI – Larrabetzu, Spain: Currently at No. 38 after quite a big fall from Nº16 in 2016.  Azurmendi was a NEW ENTRY at Nº26 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards 2014,   then in 2015 rose to 19th place. Hopefully last years fall is just a short setback for Azurmendi and they climb back up the list again this year.

DISFRUTAR – Barcelona, Spain: Currently at No.55 … well, not theoretically Disfrutar’s current position as the Worlds 55th Best Restaurant 2018 has already been awarded to DON JULIO – Buenos Aires, Argentina, so can we expect to see them in the Top 50 for 2018? Disfrutar  was a NEW ENTRY in 2017 and was also the Miele One To Watch Award 2017 winner, so we’re watching for a Top 50 place this year for Disfrutar “To Enjoy”!

Congratulations to all the wonderful Chefs in the 51 – 100 World’s Best Restaurants List 2018 and good luck to all the Chefs anticipating the much awaited 1 – 50 World’s Best Restaurants List 2018 presentation next week. 

We’ll bring you the results of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018 1-50 

LIVE from Bilbao on Tuesday …



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