Greek and Roman Ruins in Empuries

Greek ruinsempuries greek ruins

Once you’ve visited the Greek and Roman ruins of Empuries, you’ll be expecting a higher standard for all of your archaeological site visits that follow. I mean, how many archaeological sites are literally steps away from an incredibly beautiful blue beach?

Three centuries after Greeks established a busy trading post here, Romans of the 6th century B.C. docked here to begin their conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. The remains of temples, houses, cemeteries, city forums and more lie outside to tour. Several intricate mosaic floors lye in the same halls they laid in more than 2,000 years ago. Living grape vines still wander around the columns the Roman atriums and offer a sweet snack to summer visitors.

Because the excavation is still in process, visitors can also see archaeologists at work while they peel more layers off this entire ancient city. A museum on the grounds also houses several of the treasures unearthed so far, including intricate jewelry, pottery, mosaics and statues.

As you approach the shore there is even more evidence of ancient Greek society in a large jetty, which is also where the 1992 Olympic flamefirst came ashore for the Barcelona games. A short walk away is a quaint collection of restaurants and cafes next to an ancient church in the village of Sant Martí d’Empúries.

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