Dali’s House in Port Lligat, Cadaqués – Girona

Dali's house and Port Lligat
Just a short drive away from the beautiful fishing town of Cadaqués is Port Lligat, the location of what was Salvador Dalí’s house and art studio. In addition to getting a more intimate picture of the painter himself through kitchy images and rooms he’d use for inspiration,Dali´s house contains original artwork that the world has not seen until recently. The Casa-Museu Dalí, or Dali´s House, as it is called now, opened in 1997 and it was only two years ago that owners opened up the entire house to the public. This is especially a privilege since Dalí only allowed one guest to this private home for the most part–his wife Gala.

One significant artistic discovery we had just last weekend, for example was a sculpture of Christ there that we personally think is one of Dali’s best works—surprising because we had never heard of or seen it before. It was made of materials that would gather at the end of a stream near his house and is an extremely creative and original.

Besides that, one will note the fun he had in designing his offbeat house which, excluding a labrynth that winds all throughout it, was also extremely functional. Though many Catalans question Salvador Dalí’s dedication to his heritage after giving many important works to the Spanish government in his will, the Catalan flags that make up ceilings, pillows and other surfaces in the house tell another story.

After this intimate tour, a stroll outside where fisherman still organize their nets before going out to see is a very relaxing and scenic one. In the distance are magical views of the bay, enclosed by a small offshore island.

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