New Dali Museum in St Petersburg, Florida

How proud are we that one of our favorite local artists is so venerated in the US, with the opening on Tuesday last of a new Dali Museum in St Petersburg, Florida, magnificent in the painter´s surreal style.   The Museum was officially opened by Cristina, Duchess of Palma de Mallorca, who is the daughter of our King and Queen here in Spain.

The museum houses the largest collection of Salvador Dali´s work outside Spain, with over 2,000 examples of his art – twice the size of the old museum which opened in 1982.   Our Ambassador to the United States of America said at the ceremony, “It’s a great day for the world of art”.

The building had to be sufficiently strong to withstand hurricanes and winds of up to 165 miles per house, but still manages to be most attractive with its 75 foot high geo-desc dome, made up of over 1,000 triangular glass panels, none of which are the same.

There are still elderly village people over here in Spain who knew Dali personally and with whom we have had the great opportunity to chat over recent years – they have certainly explained a good number of anecdotes about this truly eccentric man and his strangely beautiful wife, Gala.   How very thrilled Dali would be to be so recognized in the world today!

Our Culinary & Art Tour in Northern Spain  allows you to discover the rich history of art in Spain from Picasso to Dali and marvel at the architectural legacy of Gothic cathedrals and ancient Greek ruins. The tour also includes a private guided tour of the Dali Museum in Figueres as well as a trip to the painters refuge in the seaside village of Cadaques.