Spanish Winery Gonzalez Byass Re-Launches Tio Pepe En Rama

tio pepe en rama gonzalez byass winery
Spanish winery, Gonzalez Byass, has doubled it´s production for the re-launch of its Tio Pepe En Rama – rama means ‘raw’ – and the product is an is an ultra-fresh and young fino sherry made from unfiltered and unclarified Tio Pepe taken from the cask in spring when the flor is at its thickest.

This is the second year of production.  With no stabilisation of any sort the sherry must be drunk within three months of bottling, and within 3 days of opening!   Marketing Director Jeremy Rockett, said, “We want people to taste it as they would if it came directly from the barrel”.

Spanish winery, Gonzalez Byass, which also owns several wine brands, have high hopes for Tio Pepe ´En Rama´, doubling production this year to 5000 bottles.  There is a mini-boom in tapas bars as an indicator of the burgeoning popularity of top-end sherry and London alone has gained four new sherry bars in the last 12 months.

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