Spanish Chef Ferran Adrià´s BulliPedia- The Online Culinary Bible

Spanish Chef Ferran Adrià has unveiled plans to establish BulliPedia – an online culinary bible of modern  cuisine. We are excited to hear that at the Wired 2012 conference in London recently , the chef revealed more details of the project.

According to Eater, The BulliPedia website is finally live and in two months chefs Grant Achatz, Heston Blumenthal and Spanish chef Joan Roca will have access to the site so they can provide feedback. Described as the ”world’s first culinary Wiki,” the BulliPedia is still being developed. ”The goal is to have the site totally up and running by the end of 2014,”  Adria told Eater.

While Ferran Adria previously said the BulliPedia would be free to use, he revealed that users will pay a small fee to access the site. ”It’ll cost less than a book,” the Spanish chef said.

The aim is that the BulliPedia will be a curated search engine for cooks of all kinds, and students, so they can have ingredients, culinary terms and modern cooking techniques at their fingertips. For this, Adria is collaborating with Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica and partnering with the University of Barcelona.

The partnership with the Barcelona university is crucial because Adria wants the site to be updated daily. The website is overseen by The elBulli Foundation and is divided in two sections: Creativity Today (with information on contemporary cuisine) and The Creativity Archive (which will contain a map of the history of haute cuisine in the last 50 years).

If you want to discover more about the project, see el Bulli restaurant and visit the sacred framework of the el Bulli Foundation-we offer private guided tours around the area giving you the opportunity to view the progress of  Ferran Adria´s magnificent project first hand The Ultimate Gourmet Tour with Gourmand Breaks