Traditional Spanish Recipe for Quince Alioli

Ingredients to make Traditional  Spanish Quince Alioli:

400g Stewed Quince or Quince Paste (Dulce de Membrillo in Spanish shops or Delicatessens)

4 Cloves of Garlic, very finely chopped or pushed through a Garlic Mill

½ Tspn of Salt

1 Tbspn of Lemon Juice if you are using the Quince Paste

75 – 100ml Virgin Olive Oil

Preparation of Traditional Spanish Quince Alioli:

Crush the Garlic and Salt with a Pestle and Mortar until it becomes a paste.   Ensure there are no lumps left.

Put the drained stewed Quinces into a blender with 2 tablespoons of their juice;  or the quince paste with lemon juice and reduce to a puree.

Add the garlic and salt paste and blend, then introduce the Virgin Olive Oil, a very little at a time with the blender running until you have a mayonnaise type mixture.

This Traditional Spanish Quince Alioli is perfect with roast lamb or chicken, cold meats and salads – please don´t worry about the garlic – it´s so good for you!

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