Wines with the Wierdest Names!


It is certain that wines with funny or odd names exist in all corners of Spanish wine geography.   In Catalonia we have Finca Malaveina (Bad Neighbour) from Castell de Perelada in Emporda.   A Bodes em Convides (You Invite me to a Wedding) in Penedes, or Cap de Ruc (Head of a Donkey) from Celler Ranadelles de Cornudella de Montsant.  A donkey is also the protagonista of La Senda del Burro (the path of a donkey) of Viñedos Propios Pajares in Leon.   There is a saying that, “he who goes to a winery and does not drink wine arrives as a donkey and leaves as a donkey”.

“Thanks to our friends, we finally managed to do the bottling and now you can enjoy our most acid creation”;   this is the surprising presentation card of a young wine from La Rioja of Spanish Winery,  Gonzalo Gonzalo, which is sold at around 5 Euros a bottle and on which label you can see a pig with feathers.

Wine labels are the surprise situation for many different animals, for example, El Pero Verde (The Green Dog) a very successful verdejo from Spanish wine region, DO Rueda, fruit of the collaboration of Bodegas Angel Lorenzao Cachazo and Catalan Wine Merchant, Quim Vila from the famous Vila Viniteca.   In collaboration with Bodegas Viscarra, Quim Vila also promoted the wine Venta Las Vacas (Villa of the Cows), DO Ribera del Duero.  But clearly the prize goes to Cojón de Gato (Cats Balls)and Teta de Vaca  (Cow’s Tit).   We don’t even want to mention a brand of Alpujarras in Almeria, Tetas de la Sacristana (Tits of the Priest’s Housekeeper)!

Clearly if we go around the world we will find names which are repulsive to some extent, such as French Frog’s Piss or Le Vin de Merde (The wine of shit) On the label of this last one you can read Le pire cache le meilleur (the best is hidden in the worst)

They are many bizarre names of wines to suit each taste –  The Australian Beach, The Fat Bastard from Languedoc-Russillon, the Californian Mad Housewife, or the Nappa Valley Cleavage Creek.   Clearly those of a superstitious nature should abstain from tasting the Chilena Gato Negro (Black Cat) or Casillero del Diablo (Coffin of the Devil)

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