LIVE from Lisbon: The 2019 Michelin Guide Spain & Portugal

The kitchens in Spain and Portugal are heating up as next week the 2019 Michelin Guide to Spain & Portugal will be presented, and for the first time in history, LIVE from Lisbon, Portugal!

Over the last nine years, Madrid, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Bilbao, Marbella, Santiago de Compostela, Gerona and Tenerife have all played host to the prestigious Michelin Guide to Spain and Portugal gala. But, this year, for the first ever, the gala will be held in Lisbon.

This year’s gala meal will be prepared by Lisbon’s seven Michelin-star chefs.  José Avillez, head of Michelin 2* Belcanto in Lisbon will coordinate the meal and be joined by Michelin 1* Lisbon Restaurant Chefs Henrique Sá Pessoa from Alma, Joachim Koerper from Eleven, João Rodrigues from Feitoria,  Alexandre Silva from Loco, Miguel Rocha Vieira from Fortaleza do Guincho (in Cascais) and Spanish chef Sergi Arola from Lab by Sergi Arola in Sintra.

Curiously, Portugal holds no Michelin 3 starred restaurant to date and actually holds very few Michelin stars compared with its Iberian cousin Spain who currently boasts 11 Michelin 3 starred restaurants (although 1 has recently closed!).

Could Portugal hosting the NEW Michelin Restaurant Guide mean we will be seeing the 1st Michelin 3* Restaurant in Portugal for the 2019 Michelin Guide to Spain & Portugal?????? We’ll let you know next week …

There are currently 30 Michelin 2* Restaurants in Spain and Portugal 2018 … only 5 of which are Michelin 2* Restaurants in Portugal:  Belcanto (Lisbon), Ocean (Porches, Algarve), Vila Joya (Albufeira, Algarve), Il Gallo d’Oro, (Funchal) and TheYeatman (Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto).

Could one (or more) of Portugal’s Michelin 2* Restaurants be gaining that 3rd Michelin star  for the 2019 Michelin Guide to Spain & Portugal to finally give  Portugal  a Michelin Three Starred Restaurant? We’ll let you know next week …

There are currently 177 Michelin 1* Restaurants Spain and Portugal 2018 … of which, only 18 are in Portugal.

Hopes are high for a star studded night for both Spain and Portugal next week and for some surprises for the great Portuguese chefs to take the current 23 Michelin Starred Restaurants to an even greater number.

We’ll keep you updated on all the results next Wednesday 21st of November 2018, in the meantime happy dining :-)

In the meantime here’s a LINK to the COMPLETE full list of all CURRENT Michelin Starred Restaurants in Spain and Portugal

Good luck chefs !!!!!!


Michelin 2019

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