Fascinating facts about Portugal

  • Portugal is named after its 2nd largest city, Porto


  • The capital city of Portugal is Lisbon


  • The Portuguese language is spoken by about 230 million people and is the official language of 9 countries


  • The dialing code for Portugal is (00) 351


  • June 10th is Portugal’s National Day


  • The country of Portugal was founded by Alfonso Henriques, in 1152


  • The main religion in Portugal is Roman Catholic


  • Portugal abolished slavery in 1761


  • Portugal is a democratic republic and joined the EU in 1986


  • Before the introduction of the Euro, Portugal’s currency was the Portuguese Escudo


  • Portugal is most famous for its Port Wine, Azulejos (tile painting and glazing) and Salted Cod


  • As of 2014, Portugal holds NO Michelin 3* restaurant, but does have two Michelin 2* restaurants and ten Michelin 1* restaurants


  • As of 2013, Portugal has 15 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list, of which 14 are cultural sites and 1 natural


  • Over half the World’s cork is produced in Portugal


  • The most popular sport in Portugal is football (soccer) with Benfica holding the Guinness World record for the football club most widely supported in the World


  • Portugal is one of the world’s top surf spots with a coastline of 800 kilometers


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