Food As a Work of Art at Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

We recently ate at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and were mightily amused to see that the restaurant has brought the art and science world to their menu with, amongst others, a dish based on Einstein’s theory of Physics –
laid out on a plate with seaweed and anchovies.   It seems the restaurant, run by top Spanish chef Josean Martinez Alija , is joining other top Art Galleries in Spain who have introduced such delights as Monet canapés, Walt Kuhn cheese and Gaugin focaccia!

In Madrid, the snack bar at the Thyssen Museum is offering tapas mirroring some of the Impressionist painters and one of its dishes – a sausage and cheese plate, is based upon a work by Paul Klee.

We hear that similarly themed menus are included in the Centro Niemeyer Museum in Avilés and La Sucursal in Valencia’s IVAM.

Well, what do you know – the height of creativity!

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