Gourmand Breaks Clients- A visit from a star food blogger

I was in Barcelona recently and amongst other things during a very busy day had the fortune to meet two of our clients after their Gourmand Breaks Secret Barcelona Tour.   Gwenn Weiss and her husband Phil are ardent cooks and Gwenn has a nowadays internationally respected website, www.cookinginpajamas.com

It all started it seems when Gwenn, who has always been very “into” cooking found that she was always being called by friends who wanted recipes for special meals etc., and she decided to start a blog which could be helpful to all of them.
Since then the blog has just expanded and grown and she now has people from all over the world who are contacting her not only for recipes, but sharing their recipes and chatting with her generally.   Not only that, Gwenn makes videos for cooking appliance makers and cooking classes and frequently appears on television!   The next move is a cookery book, sure to be a great success!

Since starting her blog, Gwenn has extended her cooking expertise to include advice on healthy eating plans and in particular details on how to cook all those dishes you really love but are frightfully fattening, by preparing them with ”less fattening” methods.   Her blog article advice includes such interesting suggestions for healthy living as the use of coconut oil and water and a myriad of other interesting facts so do pop into her website and have a good look around, it makes for fascinating reading.

Gwenn’s husband Phil, albeit a very successful paediatrician, still has time to be very wrapped up with, as he put it, “the longer methods of cooking” – sour dough bread – he has had a starter for some years!   He also smokes bacon and other meats, prepares his own cheeses and has a healthy herb and vegetable garden supplying the family with the very freshest of produce for Gwen to cook her clearly delightful meals.

What a “foodie” partnership – I was so delighted to meet them and do hope they are back in Spain again some day and we can have another opportunity to meet.

At Gourmand Breaks we  get the chance to meet a  number of professional chefs and ´foodies´who come from all over the world to experience our private tours. Our Barcelona Modern Culinary Tour is particular popular with guests who want to make the most of Barcelona’s cutting edge Gastronomy scene – it includes dining at Michelin starred restaurants, cooking classes with professional chefs and scouring Barcelona´s finest food market for fresh produce!