Montserrat Tomatoes


It’s too bad Montserrat tomatoes aren’t grown widely out of Spain because they’re gorgeous specimens. As soon as you cut slices of this Catalonia-grown tomato, which looks like some giant mutating piece of produce at first, an elegant almost floral-like design falls onto the plate. Delicate ruby-colored pockets of juice stud its center and especially taste divine when sprinkled with olive oil and sea salt. As a Catalan specialty here, the Montserrat tomato often finds its way onto the platters of the area’s innovative gourmet chefs including the world-renowned Ferran Adria.

Almost exclusively produced in the Emporda region of Catalonia, the seeds for the Montserrat tomato are created by the local farmers themselves and not commercialized as of yet. Harvesting of this tomato lasts from June until early autumn, so if you want some, hurry up and come visit!

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