Wine getaway from Barcelona – Terra Remota Winery Tour & Picnic

As the name implies, the site of Spanish Winery, Terra Remota ( Remote Land)  is isolated and secluded, feeling even more so since the devastating fires that destroyed much of this region recently- leaving a path of charcoaled lifelessness in its wake. Thankfully Terra Remota was, for the most part, unharmed with only a small parcel of vines damaged but learning more about the history behind the Spanish winery it is terrifying to think not only about the possible destruction of the building but also of everything it stands for.

From what we were told by our expert guide, Teresa, the land here symbolizes more than just wine production, for the family it stands for identity.  Terra Remota winery is owned by Marc and Emma Bournazeau.  Emma’s grandfather was a man from Catalonia that, after then Spanish Civil war, escaped to France to live in Perpinyà. For the family, Terra Remota represents a return from exile and to the land of origin, reclaiming the lost identity of a family.

The first thing you notice when driving up to Terra Remora is the extraordinary raw concrete “bodega”, which is designed by the Spanish architects Pépe Cortés & Nacho Ferrer and is made up of “Three shoeboxes” nestled into the hillside with the intention of integrating the building into the surrounding landscape- respect for the natural environment is a reoccurring theme here at Terra Remota.

The three levels of the structure reflect the three stages the grapes go through from sorting at the top level to bottling, ageing and tasting on the bottom floor, respecting the principle of gravity.  Every process inside this building is designed to treat the grapes with up most respect and care.  The key principle at this winery is to avoid excessive manipulation of the original quality of the grape- convinced that the better the raw material the less need for interference.

The vision for Terra Remota team is that wine making should be seen as a work of art- where attention to detail is the guiding principle. The idea that each wine is different and must be treated as such.  During our wine tasting with Teresa we were talked through the history, passion and commitment that went into creating each wine.  The wines “Caminante”, (white) “Caminito” (rosé) and  “Camino” (red), named in homage to Machado’s poem, are the product of respect, and perseverance from the team.

Lunchtime here is unforgettable. The whole picnic experience has a  sort of rustic charm to it, it is almost painful to ruin the display of beautifully and individually wrapped parcels of treats including local pate, sausages, cheese, ham, tomatoes and of course your choice of wine ( we recommend the rose)



It’s the little extras that really make you feel like you are somewhere special such as the flask of coffee (perfect for a bit of a kick after a little snooze on the especially designed post-gorge siesta area) and the little pots of salt, pepper and oil provided to make the perfect pan con tomato-there are no half measures here. If you’re a sucker for anything miniature and cute (like us) then you are in for a real treat. Nestled in amongst the trees and surrounded by nothing but vineyards, the design of this picnic area is simple, rustic  and beautiful.

It´s this experience that takes Terra Remota beyond the typical ´wine tourism´route and into something innovative and refreshing. We can´t wait to see what they come up with next! We offer a trip to Terra Remota winery with a memorable picnic in the vineyards as part of our Romantic Escape from Barcelona Day Tour for those looking to get something a extra special out of their trip to Barcelona.