Tickets restaurant and 41º by the Adriá brothers

Now that Spanish chef Ferran Adriá is introducing changes in El Bulli and his brother Albert has closed Inopia, his famous Tapas Bar, we can´t wait to try tapas at TICKETS, their new project in common in Barcelona, open on January 11.   Here goes with the Press Release by the Adriá brothers:

Albert and Ferran Adrià will start a new gastronomic project in Barcelona in spring together with Iglesias’ brothers, who will be responsible for the daily management of the business.

This project wants to be the reflection of the current image of the city , which is really creative and innovative and fights for gastronomy. And the setting chosen has been the Paral.lel, as it is the cradle of the theatre and cabaret in Barcelona and the emblem, during decades of the social and cultural life of the city. It is an area which is again a boiling point and will soon be a vital area in our city and which has recently experienced two nice events including the re-opening of El Molino and Arteria Paral·lel. The Paral·lel of yester-year, full of theatres, some of which we miss, comes back and wants to get back to the city which was a reflection of an enthusiastic happiness and culture as we have not lived before. The Paral.lel turned into a myth which people living in Barcelona have missed in many occasions letting us live again nowadays the experiences thanks to public and private contributions.

It will be located at 164 in Paral·lel Avenue with Tamarit and Entenza streets. Two gastronomic concepts will be placed in the Flotats building, which was built in the thirties. These two concepts will be the tapas area and the cocktail bar, which will be connected by an internal corridor and they will share some communal areas.

The place will consist of two different spaces in terms of offer and aesthetics. The first space called TICKETS will be a contemporary tapas place, an evolution of traditional tapas and the second, called 41º, a classic cocktail bar with an exciting gastronomic offer full of creativity with no limits for imagination.”

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