Wine & Culinary Congress in Barcelona

This food and wine congress , on the 30th of September at Hotel Me in Barcelona, is the first international congress on the harmony and interaction between wine and cuisine and the complementary nature of both on gastronomic menus.

The most celebrated and outstanding sommeliers, chefs, wine tasters and journalists from national and international forefront will take to the floor such as Spanish chef Josep Roca-exploring the profession of the sommelier, François Chartier- explaining the aromatic science of the cooking of his dishes and Nick Lander, Janis Robinson and Gaston Acurio who, among others, will gather and explain the interactions between wine and gastronomy through workshops, show cooking, debates and conferences.

During the congress there will also be a monographic tasting of the wines from wineries belonging to the international association Primum Familiae Vini. It is thanks to Bodegas Torres and its great interest in spreading and exploring the culture of wine that this great congress has been made possible- fingers crossed it will become an annual event!

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