Yeatman, Ricardo Costa – Michelin 1 Star Restaurant, Portugal

Our Pre-Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal 2016 SuperChef Series by Gourmand Breaks – An insight into the world of some of the current Michelin star chefs in Spain and Portugal – is well underway. We previously showcased the current Michelin 2 star restaurants in Portugal (there are only 3): Belcanto, Ocean and Vila Joya.

There are currently no Michelin 3 star restaurants in Portugal so on now to the Michelin 1 star restaurants in Portugal.  To be enjoyed on one of our Private Food, Wine and Cultural Tours :-)

There are just 11 Michelin 1 Star restaurants in Portugal (at the moment) and we’re starting this Michelin star restaurant group with a young Portuguese chef who uses, in the kitchen,  tips he learned from his Grandma:

Ricardo Costa

Ricardo Costa – is executive chef at the first Michelin starred restaurant in Porto – Pedro Lemos became the second just last year for the 2015 Michelin restaurants in Spain and Portugal Guide. Although only born in 1979, Costa has worked in many hotels and restaurants in mainland Portugal, Madeira, Spain and England. He earned his first Michelin Star for the Largo do Paço restaurant in Amarante and then in 2011 headed to the Yeatman where that same November he gained Michelin One Star status for The Yeatman Gastronomic restaurant for the Michelin 2012 guide.

Yeatman (Gaia) – The Yeatman restaurant is housed in the luxury Yeatman hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia – Porto. Owned by the company behind  Taylor’s Port, it is named after the family’s historic link with the city, and drawing on its owners’ expertise in both fine wine production and luxury hotel management has become one of the world’s leading wine hotels. The gastronomic Yeatman Restaurant earned its Michelin star for the 2012 Guide and has retained it ever since.  Ricardo Costa brings to the Yeatman restaurant an imaginative cuisine based on the traditional flavors of Portugal presented with contemporary flair. Added to the fine food and wine offered at  the Yeatman restaurant are the fantastic views of the River Douro and the historic center of Porto which, when all combined,  guarantee an extraordinary experience.

Yeatman dish

Experience Portugal’s growing gastronomy and fantastic wine regions on a Gourmand Breaks Private Food, Wine and Cultural Tour to include Portugal.  An ever-increasing destination choice with our guests Portugal can easily be combined with Spain  for a two-center vacation giving you the chance to indulge in the Best Michelin Starred Restaurants in Spain and Portugal.