Michelin 2 Star Restaurants 2014 – Spain


Last month saw the announcement of the NEW Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal 2014.

A new Michelin 3 star restaurant was awarded to Spain for 2014, along with two new Michelin 2 star restaurants, and various new Michelin 1 star restaurants.

In total, for 2014, there are 17 Michelin 2 Star restaurants in Spain.  This year Martín Berasategui adds his “M.B” restaurant in Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife to the Michelin 2 star category where it joins his already awarded “Lasarte” in Barcelona.

Francis Paniego also joins the elite Michelin 2 star crew with his “El Portal del Echaurren” restaurant in Ezcaray, La Rioja.

* * All Michelin 2 Star Restaurants in Spain for 2014 (in alphabetical order):

Abac. Jordi Cruz (Barcelona)

Atrio. Toño Pérez (Cáceres)

Calima. Dani García (Marbella)

Casa Marcial. Nacho Manzano (Asturias)

El Club Allard. Diego Guerrero (Madrid)

El Portal. Francis Paniego (La Rioja)

Enoteca. Paco Pérez (Barcelona)

La terraza del Casino. Paco Roncero (Madrid)

Lasarte. Martín Berasategui. (Barcelona)

Les Cols. Fina Puigdevall (Girona)

M.B. Martín Berasategui (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Miramar. Paco Pérez (Girona)

Moments. Raül Balam (Barcelona)

Mugaritz. Andoni Luis Aduriz (Guipuzcoa)

Ramón Freixa (Madrid)

Santceloni. Óscar Velasco (Madrid)

Sergi Arola Gastro (Madrid)


Whereas Michelin 2 star restaurants are classed as  “excellent cooking, worth a detour”,  Michelin 3 Star restaurants are classed as  “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey” and there are just 8 of these Michelin star wonders in Spain for 2014.  (See our blog post Michelin 3 Star Restaurants 2014 – Spain)

And, even though Barcelona, City, still does not have a Michelin 3 star restaurant it proudly boasts 4 Michelin 2 star restaurants and 19 Michelin 1 star restaurants.

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