San Sebastian International Film Festival – Donostia Award

The 64th San Sebastian Film Festival will be held from the 16th to the 24th of September 2016, with national and international actors, directors etc representing their films.

Since 1986 the Donostia Lifetime Achievement Award has been included and is presented to a great film personality  in recognition of their work and career – some years there have been more than one! (see below)

The first Donostia Award was presented to Gregory Peck in 1986, and, since then, many a Hollywood star has graced the San Sebastian Film Festival!

Sigourney Weaver and Ethan Hawke will receive the honorary award for 2016!!

Sigourney Wever will receive her Donostia award on September 21st, in the Kursaal Auditorium.  The date, not surprisingly, coincides with the gala screening of the European premiere of the latest movie by J.A. Bayona, “A Monster Calls” in which Weaver stars, along side Liam Neeson among others.


Ethan Hawke will receive his Donostia Award on Saturday, September 17th followed by a screening of his latest film The magnificent seven.


Here’s the complete list for all the winners of the prestigious Donostia Award:

1986 – Gregory Peck

1987 – Glenn Ford

1988 – Vittorio Gassman

1989 – Bette Davis

1990 – Claudette Colbert

1991 – Anthony Perkins

1992 – Lauren Bacall

1993 – Robert Mitchum

1994 – Lana Turner

1995 – Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve

1996 – Al Pacino

1997 – Michael Douglas, Jeremy Irons and Jeanne Moreau

1998 – John Malkovich and Anthony Hopkins

1999 – Fernando Fernán-Gómez, Vanessa Redgrave and Anjelica Huston

2000 – Michael Caine and Robert de Niro

2001 – Julie Andrews, Warren Beatty and Francisco Rabal

2002 – Jessica Lange, Bob Hoskins, Dennis Hopper and Francis Ford Coppola

2003 – Isabelle Huppert, Sean Penn and Robert Duvall

2004 – Woody Allen, Annette Bening and Jeff Bridges

2005 – Ben Gazzara and Willem Dafoe

2006 – Max Von Sydow and Matt Dillon

2007 – Richard Gere and Liv Ullman

2008 – Antonio Banderas and Meryl Streep

2009 – Ian McKellen

2010 – Julia Roberts

2011 – Glenn Close

2012 – John Travolta, Oliver Stone, Ewan McGregor, Tommy Lee Jones and Dustin Hoffman

2013 – Carmen Maura and Hugh Jackman

2014 – Denzel Washington and Benecio del Toro

2015 – Emily Watson

2016 -Sigourney Weaver and Ethan Hawke

San Sebastian - Donostia - Spain


Maybe not a great time to visit San Sebastian when the International Film Festival is on, but away from the glitz and the paparazzi San Sebastian is a great destination to include in your Food, Wine and Cultural Tour with Gourmand Breaks.