Chicken with Plums Traditional Spanish Recipe

Ingredients for traditional Spanish chicken with Plums

1 ½ chicken quartered
2 young fresh onions, grated
3 ripe but firm tomatoes, grated
150 gr dried stoned plums
75 gr sultanas
25 gr peeled and toasted almonds
2 biscuit rusks
A little glass of white wine
300 ml water
8 tbs extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper

Method for traditional Spanish chicken with Plums

Soak the plums and sultanas in warm water for about 20 minutes; after this period squeeze them very well from their soaking water and put apart.
Prepare the onions and tomatoes without removing the peel and seeds of the tomatoes.
Wash the chicken quarters under cold running water, pat dry with absorbent kitchen paper, season to taste with salt and pepper and brown them on both sides in the olive oil in a large pan. Once you’ve browned the chicken quarters, remove them from the pan and put apart.
Now add the plums, sultanas and 40 g (1 1/4 oz) pine nuts in the same olive oil. Let them fry lightly for some minutes; at this point remove the dried fruit from the pan and put apart. Now add the onions and tomatoes; let them fry lightly for some minutes and then add the water, the chicken and fruit you’ve put apart. Keep on cooking for about 30-40 minutes, half-covered, stirring now and then, until the chicken is tender and the cooking juice is well retired.
15 minutes before the end of cooking make this mixture: chop finely the almonds, the remaining pine nuts and the biscuit rusks and dilute this mixture with the wine. Add this mixture to the chicken, stir and let the cooking juice retire very well.
Serve the traditional Spanish chicken with plums hot.

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